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Asphalt Repairs & Maintain in Gettysburg, PA

Annual asphalt maintenance is essential to prolong the life of your blacktop. From sealcoating services to crack filling services and asphalt repairs, Thomas Wells III, Inc. Asphalt Paving based in Warrenton, Virginia, offers all the maintenance needed to keep your paved surface looking pristine.

Seal to Preserve

Sealcoating is an integral part of any asphalt maintenance program, as sealing your paved surface preserves it for years! Count on our sealcoating team to do the work for you to prevent issues down the road.

Necessary Repairs

Without proper maintenance, or because of regular wear and tear, your asphalt can become damaged. Never fear, as we offer the fast, efficient, and affordable asphalt repairs required to give your asphalt a like-new look.
We Also Offer:
  • Complete Removals & Replacements
  • Patching Services
  • Restorations
  • Resurfacing Services
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Contact us to make your paved surface last for years with routine asphalt maintenance.